How to Boost Immune System and Fix Poor Immunity

Are you getting regular colds and flus, thrush, skin infections or mouth ulcers?  What about autoimmune conditions or allergies? Wondering how to boost immune system?

These are all signs of poor immune function.

How to boost immune system and deal with poor immunity

Up to 80% of our immunity comes from the large bowel. The bacteria inhabiting the bowel keep it healthy and happy and determine immune function and allergic responses.

In addition to these bacteria, stress plays a HUGE role in immunity. If cortisol levels are ideal, the immune system usually remains stable and healthy even in the face of threats like infections. When stress becomes chronic such as a high stress job or acute such as losing a loved one, cortisol levels can change.

Here is the catch- stress ALSO changes the environment in the large bowel meaning that your immune system can have some MASSIVE changes in a very short period of time.

Poor immunity can leave your body susceptible to a whole range of illnesses, some extremely serious including deadly infections and even cancer. Don’t take the risk that you won’t come into contact with a person who is sick. If you’re been wondering how to boost immune system, get it sorted out today so you can thrive.

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