Hormone Imbalance Symptoms & Hormonal Complaints

Did you know that female and male hormones such as oestrogen and progesterone are actually SECONDARY hormones? That means that they are affected by other hormones such as stress hormones, which can lead to hormone imbalance symptoms.

Hormone imbalance symptoms & hormonal complaints

What are the hormone imbalance symptoms and how do they affect you? When the adrenal gland is under pressure to produce cortisol in times of stress it “steals” progesterone to make more cortisol which significantly impacts fertility and sexual hormone function. When the stress becomes long term the flow on effects can be huge. PMS, agitation, poor stress tolerance, hot flushes, emotional fragility, breast swelling and tenderness, PCOS, endometriosis and early menopause are just a few possible symptoms when stress and female hormones become imbalanced.

The pill is not always the answer. Most pills increase oestrogen levels which “holds” progesterone levels low exacerbating the problem. Synthetic hormones often alleviate the symptoms but can complicate matters in the long run. Especially when looking to fall pregnant after a length of time on the pill. Taking synthetic female hormones also only treats the SECONDARY hormones, not the cause of the problem- STRESS HORMONES. Much like using a band aid doesn’t make the cut heal.

Another problem is that the stress hormone imbalance can make it difficult to lose weight, regulate your immune system and can even cause blood sugar imbalances. Don’t treat the wrong hormones!

There are so many successful, natural treatments which work WITH your body not against it to treat the cause not the symptom. Call 07 5309 6701 for a free confidential discussion with our naturopath.

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