What we don’t do

Before you learn about what we DO its good to know what we DON’T DO that sets us apart:

  • We don’t guess – we test. We don’t risk getting it wrong and making things worse.
  • One-off consultations where we guess what is wrong with you, then you pay for a few general supplements and don’t get results because they aren't right for you.
  • Withhold information to keep you coming back. We want to teach you to manage your own health. Our aim is to start a health revolution! When you're healthy, tell your friends. That is our business model, not keeping you coming back for life.
  • You wont find us treating conditions we don’t know enough about. We provide a specialist service in a few key areas of healthcare. It wastes both of our time, money and energy if we are not sure we can help. We don’t want unhappy customers telling people it didn't work. It’s bad for business and it’s bad for the industry we are so passionate about.
  • We don’t charge you extortionate amounts for our time. Consultations range from $80-$150.



During this consultation our specially trained practitioners take a detailed account of your health concerns and determine what course of action is required for your treatment.

By the end of this consultation you will know:

  • What pathology is required – we don’t guess, we test.
  • The duration of treatment
  • Expected treatment outcomes
  • Estimated treatment costs


This consultation is dedicated to discussing your pathology results, what they mean for your health and what we need to do to change things. 

By the end of this appointment you will understand:

  • Why you feel the way you do
  • How to fix it


Your health practitioner will give you a comprehensive prescription of scientifically validated supplements to address your health concerns. You will be educated on the purpose of each supplement and how to take it. We help you organise your supplements and herbal medicines making it EASY for you to get healthy.

By the end of this consultation you will:

  • Have what you need to improve your health
  • Know the purpose of what you’re taking and how it works



After 10 years of experience we have realised over 90% of clients tell us they have a GOOD diet. When we investigate we find the diet they’re eating isn’t right for them and in many cases is the cause of their condition. A diet is tailored specifically for your health needs. This is not a “general” diet and is only used for around 8-16 weeks during your treatment. The diet improves your treatment outcome by up to 50%, educates you on the things that need changing permanently and reduces treatment duration by up to 30%. This diet also becomes your life long maintenance program. If any symptoms return in the coming years you recommence the diet to address your issues.

By the end of this consultation you will know:

  • What to eat, when, why, where to get it from and how to cook it



In these consultations we assess your progress and reduce dosages accordingly. As your treatment continues you will learn everything there is to know to manage your health in the long run so you’re not always paying us for help. After all who knows your body better than you?

By the end of these consultations you will know:

  • How to manage your health yourself
  • What dosages to change and when
  • When you can stop taking specific supplements
  • How to maintain your new-found health

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